Bablu Matik (Hatha Yoga Teacher)

12167197_10203496794659222_303737109_nBablu Matik (Hatha & Power Flow Yoga Teacher)

Namaste, I am Bablu Marik a Yoga teacher and fitness trainer consultant. More than 25 years I am practicing Yoga and fitness exercises, last 12 years I am teaching Yoga and working as a fitness trainer consultant in Schools, Colleges, Universities, various elite clubs, fitness centres, corporate etc. There I taught Yoga to so many students, teachers, sports persons, and corporate people. I trained various people from different professions, with different fitness levels. Then I feel that everyone in this world has different problems, fitness levels, needs, aims and goals.

So due to inequalities and individual difference among all of us, I design a unique group and individual classes for everyone, to prevent and cure from any diseases, to rich their goals, and to touch their highest fitness level in minimum possible time.
Morning Yoga Sessions By  Bablu Matik (Hatha & Power Flow Yoga Teacher)

  • Morning Session Time : 8:00 Till 10:00 Friday 11th December 2015
  • Morning Session Time : 8:00 Till 10:00 Saturday 12th December 2015