David Swarup – Hang Drum Player

Hang Dynamic Meditation Concert By David Swarup – Hang Drum Player

David Swarup Hand Music

Davide Swarup – a world star and one of the pioneer of the Hang.
Italian – by birth, and a man of peace – in the image and vision. An adult child.
Street musician by choose – the best opportunity to make music accessible, alive, fresh and available to many. And a performer with different musicians and solo concerts.

“Sound of Silence” – Dynamic Hang meditation – To dive into the world of the magic sounds of the Hang, to explore your inner being, to spend some time with yourself and leave your worries behind – you’re welcome to join us!

The meditation starts with 30 minutes of high energy celebration where everybody is invited to participate and dance with totality. This will be followed by hang played live for 45 minutes  The more totality is brought to the celebration, the deeper the silence will go.

This is not a concert, it is meditation. Therefore, if you want to take photos, communicate, at a time when others meditate, I just want to ask you to do it at another time.
Doors will open for guests at ???, the time for communication, relaxation and explanation.
Meditation itself will begin at ???, and then will not be possible to go into the space. 
To create the conditions for a deeper processes.
The program of the meditation:
During the first 30 minutes you will have the opportunity of free dance and dive into the body. (recommended to bring comfortable loose clothing)
The second part will last 45 minutes. We’ll sit on the floor with eyes closed with live Hang music.
Last stage will be 15 minutes lining down in silence.
Inspired by a favorite Osho.