Dev OM


dev mclo  Dev OM Author, A Speaker & Founder Of “OM Foundation”

Dev OM is a meditation & spiritual guru and the bestselling author of 12 self-help books, including ‘Meditation for New Age Men’, ‘Shiva Sutra- The Path of Shiva Consciousness’ and ‘The Cosmic Energy & Chakras’. Since beginning of his work as a Life Coach and Meditation Guide in 2005, he has assisted thousands of people in discovering their spiritual path and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-evolution. Dev OM has successfully facilitated his courses and trainings in 18 countries throughout the world and his works have been translated into 7 different languages in five countries. He is founder of OM Foundation and OM School of Self-Discovery, an NGO and school dedication for creating and teaching self-discovery courses, tools, books, and meditations and to support the mass human evolution.