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Vedanta Festival Live Music Concert With Avi Adir

Avi Adir Avi Adir ~ Singer and Multi instrumentalist from Heartland, the place where all meet as one.  Traveling the world and… sharing a flow of Tantric deep meditative music, using his ancient voice and a variety of instruments, like Indian Bansuri, Armenian Duduk, Greek Bouzouki, Japanese Shakuhachi, Egyptian Ney, Silver flute and Native American flute.

Hang Dynamic Meditation Concert By David Swarup – Hang Drum Player

David Swarup Hand Music

Ciao, my name is david swarup, I am an independent musician, a busker and a traveller. I’ m born in Italy, in Como 23-09-1974 and I grown up in a town called Capena, close to Rome.

How I found my self playing music? It just happened!

At age of 15th I started to work in construction and left the study, as geometrician, cause I wanted to buy my first Hi-Fi and a bass guitar. (thanks to my parents to let me free:). Three friends of mine wanted to make a band and only the bass guitar was left! So I started my music life in a Iron Maiden cover band named Nefastum till the age of 18th more or less.
After that, adults duties took over and I ended up in pub, caffe, factories, catering and construction again, and I was only listening to music!
I went to India in 2000 and I discovered my skills to drum on something and music was coming out of it! And I heard for the first time the indian santoor, live!
After that, back to work and no playing anymore
In 2002 I went to India again and I bought the santoor, and slowly I decided that I wanted to became a musician!
So after another two years of bar and construction work I arrived in Amsterdam. More Info Please Visit http://www.davideswarup.com/about/

Live Music Concert By Tikki Masala Indian Fusion – Derek

Tikki Masala 

Masala Records, World Fusion, Indian Electronica Music, Indian electronic … Masala records is a independent record label founded by Tikki Masala in May 2014