Vedanta Festival Helpers

Karma Yoga – Yoga Of Service
Helpers Team Job For Vedanta Festival & December / January Events Of Shiva Girish In North Goa

  1. Meditate & Hold the space during session or evening events.
  2. Invite friends through social media from
  3. Distributes flyers in arambol, ashwem beach to people who might be interested.
  4. If good English translate in session for masters from English to Russian language.
  5. Translate 1 or 2 pages content about festival from English to Russian.
  6. We looking for Photographers, Web designers, Yoga Meditation Teachers for helpers as well.
  7. Tell friends about the festival.
  8. Share Events Link or photos on your social media.
  9. If you think some person or session can be added in festival to make it more beautiful so give suggestion or idea.
  10. If you know some one else who might be interested to be helper then suggest them too.
  11. Maximum we will take 15 helpers team with different skills.
  12. We welcome any creative person to be part of festival and give sessions or to display there work.

  13. Helpers Who Join Only For Vedanta Festival Will Have To  Pay Only 1500 Rupees Which Goes For Food & Hall Expenses. (No Of Helpers Limited)
  14. Helpers Who are going to stay in Arambol for 1 or 2 months can Join Any Event by Shiva Girish At Love Temple Goa,


  1. 25th November & 2nd December Wednesday Anjuna Flea Market Flyers Distribution.
  2. 29th November And 6th December Saturday Night Market Flyers Distribution.
  3. December first week any big concert in arambol needs Flyers Distribution.
  4. December first week restaurants like Twice in nature,once in nature, love temple,free flow yoga, and other needs flyers on table each day.