Maya Mandala


About Maya and Mandala structure

When being 18 years old, Maya started practicing and travelling all over the world, studying with many well-known masters, Osho-group leaders, Buddhist teachers, tantric masters Surabi, Punit. Maya has spent 14 years with sufi master Zahira. Her fundamental master is dzogchen teacher Namkai Norbu.

 Maya – master of sacred knowledge about human nature, creator of Mandala dance. She is holding various workshops for men and woman, which open their primordial nature and integrate all experiences and qualities of life.

Maya is giving transmission of Mandala dance since 2009. During these years she created a system of integrative workshops and thousands of women participated in them. For those who are ready to be instructor of Mandala dance, there are some basic and training workshops, such like Birth, Blossoming, Maturity, 1,2,3th level of Mandala dance. Instructors hold regular classes in 30 cities in Russia,

as well as in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia. Mandala dance becomes more and more famous, and women come from many countries, like France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, India, Thailand, Singapore, Bali.


Maya has therapeutic experience of many years, working with energy healing, reiki, massage, healing. She has been studying many dance traditions for 6 years, like contact improvisation, modern, tango, flamenco, and constantly visiting international festivals.