Shamamic Master Prem Luca

Prem Luca V2 Shamamic Master Prem Luca At Vedanta Festival Goa : He began his Spiritual Journey at an early age. He had is first spiritual teacher at 16 and he practised meditation till he travelled to India at 23. He arrived to Poona where he became Osho’s sannyasin in 1980. He participated in the amazing experience of Osho’s community in Oregon and again in Poona. For several years has being travelling around Mexico, Guatemala, Costarica, Ecuador, Perù and Brazil following the Native American’ traditions and the Red Path. He also embraced the shamanic way with Medicine plants. He’s been working together with Manitonquat-Medicine Story since more then 20 years, spreading the message of the Circle way, leading sweat lodges and Vision quests. Prem Luca also entered in the Tai Chi Chuan school “the Heart of the Dragon” in Koh Pangan, Thailand. He had his first experience with breath-work in Poona in 1980, being trained as a Rebirther Breath-worker by Leonard Orr and followed the Holotropic Breath with Stan Grof. He’s leading Awareness Breath workshops since 15 years. In all his work is tangible Osho’s presence and his Devotion to the Path of Love.