Shunyam Meni

408258_10151052622562507_736831005_n Shunyam Meni is a Soul Power Trainer and Meditation Therapist in OM School of Self Discovery, Author of ‘Heal Your Today’. She helps to discover the ‘personal best’ and helps people achieve a state of empowered being and to live a positive and fulfilling life. She has trained more than 200 people under her Soul Power training. In the particular training each participant will have the opportunity to explore her mind stream, to uncover the shadow aspects and clear them in the light of the view of the soul. Shunyam Meni believes that empowered in our role, when we return, we can share with others a new depth of universal love and wisdom.” Whatever the Soul can visualize, the mind can materialize” is another beautiful thought shared by Meni.  The Soul Power Training includes some common beliefs i.e. We, Shaktis and Shivas are different. Not just in our bodies, but also in the ways we think, feel, and connect with our Soul. To find out and celebrate those differences and special abilities, every individual is invited to the Soul Power training, a course that shows him how to create a daily personal practice of using our Soul Power. This course teaches the techniques to recognize and connect with one’s own Soul Power; Techniques to enhance it and receive it when required; and to retain it forever. This course also includes cleansing meditation techniques, interactive and QA sessions, quick fix healing techniques, training to keep mind, body, soul and surroundings healthy and happy and more. Achieving this inner situation helps the practitioner to enter the gates of her spiritual path.