Swami Krishna Deva

Swami Krishna Deva (Tantra Yoga Teacher)

Swami Krishna Deva 1 Swami Krishna Deva learnt yoga in Sw. Satyananda tradition (BSY). He has been practicing various meditation techniques and meditative therapies at Osho Commune International in Pune. Later on he has been conducting Yoga, Tao, Tantra and Corporate workshops and retreats in India and abroad. He has traveled to Europe, USA, Russia and Malaysia to conduct these workshops. He is an experienced facilitator of various meditation and therapies besides being a Certified NLP practitioner and trainer.










About Tantra Yoga Session
Divine Tantra yoga is a practical answer for the new man and new woman to experience something of the beyond.  It is based on the wisdom of ancient scriptures and modern methods like: Gherand Sanghita, Hatha Yoga, Pradipika, Patanjali Yoga, Shiva Sutra & Vigyan BhairavaTantra, The book of Wisdom (7points of mind training) and contemporary scientific research about human psychology.

In its practical methodology it has four pillars i.e.

breath work,body work,relating and Mudras (Psychic Attitudes).

The session empowers an individual to endure physical fitness, emotional well being, coping with daily life stress, removes traumas of life, aides Attitudinal healing and is beneficial in finding the right partner.